2021 - 2022 Handover

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2021 - 2022 Handover

Reading Rotary
Published by Alan N in News · 9 July 2021
Our new president for 2021 - 2022, Simon Creffield takes over the reins and is featured on the website home page.

At the Handover meeting of Reading Rotary Club on 6 July 2021, one of the Club’s members, Eydis Bjornsdottir, gave a short talk on how to use social media for Rotary. She emphasised that the messages should remain the same, anything of interest to members and potential members. The generational gaps that have hampered selling the messages are fading, which gives new opportunities. Facebook is particularly useful as a message can be sent only to a targeted group.  Always use pictures to get your story across and make sure you get every good item to Alan N for the website and Eydis to put it on social media.

Presentation of the "famous" teapot at the the recent handover meeting at Tim's farm.

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