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The Teams

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Club council
This comprises the President, Sevior VP, Junior VP, Immediate Past President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and six members nominated by the president - typically the leaders of each of the other teams.
Club and Membership Services
This team is headed by the SVP and looks after admin rather than the charitable work of the club.
Community and Vocational
Community Service is one of the mainstays of Rotary Service often involving hands on work in the local community to help improve the lives of people of all ages, abilities and those less privileged in our local communities. Read more>
Fund Raising / Santa Run Team
International and Foundation
The International and Foundation team cover:
  • Help in disaster emergencies by providing shelter boxes and water boxes
  • Infrastructure projects such as building a school in Uganda, extending a hospital in Tanzania as well as funding sand dams in India
  • Helping disadvantaged overseas communities become more independent by buying wheel chairs and tools
Reading Rotary Community Project.  Read more>
Youth Opportunities
We have an active team in the club which seeks to support Reading`s youth, especially the disadvantaged, through several projects. Read more>
Centenary celebrationA small committee has been formed to plan our celebrations for this milestone event in 2022
Reading Rotary club members can see the dates for the team meetings here>
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