Global Peace Training Conference at University of Oxford

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Global Peace Training Conference at University of Oxford

The Rotary Club of Reading
Published by Dr. R. M. Chitnis in Events · Monday 08 Apr 2024
Warm greetings from MIT    World Peace University, Pune, India.

I am happy to share about a One-Day    Conference scheduled at the Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK;    on 19th April 2024 organised by MIT World Peace University, Pune, India;    for which we request you to participate in.

THE ONE DAY ROUND TABLE    CONFERENCE ON THE NEED TO ESTABLISH AND PROMOTE A PEACE-LOVING HOLISTIC    GLOBAL SOCIETY THROUGH VALUE BASED UNIVERSAL EDUCATION SYSTEM has been    organised with the following objective: UNESCO asks: Are we giving adequate    attention to teach peace? Are our education institutes really interested in    producing a peaceful young generation? Quite unfortunately, those who want    ‘war’ (consumerism, sex, violence, drugs, lower pleasures, and    entertainment) prepare the young for war; but those who want peace, have    neglected training the young for peace.

In Education system, the major    focus should be on inculcating good values, habits, discipline, manners,    care, and concern for each other, being helpful, learning to share, being    friendly, doing their duties, clean, simple hygiene. This is the age to    imbibe through good stories, fun, playful activities, human values of    truth, love, non-violence, righteous conduct, peace, etc.
That is why, we    need to reflect on:
  • Are education and science superior to spirituality,    wisdom and character?
  • Is education today producing men of character and    wisdom?
  • Are educated people virtuous, full of goodness, committed to    their duties?
  • Has freedom of choice given to everyone equally, been a    good or bad experience?
  • Or have they allowed people to rise to their    levels beyond their character and competence?

It is observed that the    education systems developed in the past couple of centuries have been    focused on the development of the body and the brain (intellect) but paid    little attention to the nourishment of the mind and the soul (spiritual    education). It is time we made a slight diversion from the set syllabi to    include this aspect of human development also. And according to me, only    the introduction of a value based universal education system can achieve    that. The highly developed and scientifically advanced education system    carefully devised by the great thinkers, philosophers, academicians, scholars,    scientists and taught in reputed Universities all over the world. The    values of the bygone era, which helped this planet earth to sustain over    the ages, are missing. Once the time-tested value system is missing, then    there is no difference between human beings and other living beings like    animals. Hence, curriculum in education must develop key values on Truth,    Peace, Non-violence, Love, Righteous conduct also honesty and integrity    along with qualities like regularity, punctuality, cleanliness, self-control,    industriousness, sense of duty, desire to serve, responsibility,    enterprise, creativity, etc.

Who can attend? All learned scholars,    thinkers, teachers, professors, academicians, scientists and others from    across the world are welcome to participate in this path breaking and    historic One Day Round Table Conference. We appeal to you to participate in    this conference and also forward this information to your esteemed    colleagues. The ideology and principles of 'service for humanity' of the    Rotary International resonate well with our principles of value based    holistic education for creating responsible global citizens.

The extensive    work and vast experience of Rotary members in diverse fields are most    befitting to grace the occasion to participate and/or briefly speak on the    prudent topics related to the role of education in establishing world    peace, harmony, compassion, and so on. In the round table conference, the    following eminent speakers shall deliver their addresses, in addition to    others: Dr. Neil Hawkes (Values-Based Education, UK) Dr. Yukteshwar Kumar    (University of Bath, UK) Prof. Brian Ford (University of Cambridge, UK) Dr.    Christopher Germann (University of Plymouth, UK) Dr. S. N. Pathan (former    Vice Chancellor of Nagpur University, India) Ms. Madhu Sethi (Head of    Education wing, Indian High Commission in UK) Our Founder President Dr.    Karad strongly believes that "Religious scriptures of all faiths are    the life guiding principles for the entire humanity". That is why,    participation of speakers from various faiths will surely help in    accomplishing the desired objective of devising a universal education    system for establishing world peace. We look forward to your feedback and    kind confirmation of yourself and the Rotary members from your District    Club as well as other District Clubs for participation in the conference on    19th April 2024 at the Founders Room, Saïd Business School, University of    Oxford. This conference is fully sponsored by MIT World Peace University,    Pune, India and we do not seek any financial assistance from any    organization. Registration in the conference is free but necessary. It also    includes lunch hosted by Dr. V. D. Karad.

Should you require any additional    information and registration, you may contact Mr. Sachin Kulkarni on    and/or (+91) 8446158837.
Thanks and best regards,
Dr. R. M. Chitnis Vice    Chancellor MIT World Peace University, Pune, India
Email Id:    Contact No.: +91 9850041773

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